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Final Blow, 1988 Taito

Final Blow, 1988 Taito

This is the original arcade version of the Sega Genesis early game JAMES BUSTER DOUGLAS KNOCKOUT BOXING. This has better sound effects and better presentation but the challenge can be MUCH more cruel in this game than the Genesis port. Select from one of 5 boxers-- The Korean Comet, Kim Nang; The South American Eagle, Fernando Gomez; The Invincible Black Panther, Detroit Kid; The Miracle Fighter, Kid Dynamite; and The Black Beast, King Jason. They all have a jab and a cross, and you have a button for each. Use the joystick to move your fists up or down, and in unison the buttons can fire a stronger attack that will shrink the opponent's life bar if it connects. You can also fire an uppercut with the joystick pressed up and a button press. The game is REAL difficult if you don't learn an opponent's weakness and exploit it over.. and over.. again. The first opponent (I don't believe it matters who it is) is susceptible to crosses, and the 2nd may be susceptible to jabs to the face (you will barely win if you come out on top). After that you're on your own.. luckily you don't have to face a doppelganger, just the other 4 fighters. The game ends when you beat the last one. The Genesis port has a 6th fighter-- James "Buster" Douglas! His monumentally shocking upset of Mike Tyson gave him just enough fame to earn his championship title and the Genesis game in his honor, before he lost to Evander Holyfield and then his star burned out. Love the bells and whistles of this game but the difficulty is tough to look past to appreciate this impressive boxing game.
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