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Battle of the Ports - Pole Position (ポールポジション) Show #263 - 60fps

Battle of the Ports - Pole Position (ポールポジション) Show #263 - 60fps

Can you believe that I uploaded a video containing ONLY The Pole Position music and that's perfectly fine but this video got hit with a copyright strike before it even went live due to the music being used at the ending comparison section! So, unfortunately I had to reverse the music but if you'd like to hear the Pole Position theme here's a link to the other video I published - Please think about supporting the show by subscribing to the channel or becoming my patron. Thank you so much! Email at Facebook - Retro Core BotP Twitter - @RetroCoreYakumo -------------------------------------------------------------------- Yes, finally after 262 shows of Battle of the Ports I'm getting on to the classic Pole Position. This game has so many ports and quite a few emulated versions which we won't cover but even without those there's still 16 versions to see right here. Enjoy. Time Code 00:27 - Arcade 02:08 - Atari 2600 03:08 - Atari 5200 04:23 - Atari 8 Bit home Computers 04:58 - PlayStation 06:15 - Gameboy Advance 07:19 - Nintendo 64 08:07 - Dreamcast 09:07 - ZX Spectrum 10:00 - BBC Micro 11:14 - Intellivision 12:07 - Commodore Vic-20 13:04 - Commodore 64 14:11 - Texas Instruments 99 15:08 - MS Dos 16:09 - Vectrex 17:16 - All versions side by side Enjoy!
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